"If you're seeking stimulating challenges, continuous opportunities for professional advancement, and rewarding incentives that truly matter, AYT Networks has the perfect job waiting for you..."

Our team

We're looking for true individuals. People with the courage to take chances. Who understand that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.

Fiber Optics

AYT Networks is seeking a Fiber Optics Technician to install, maintain, and troubleshoot fiber optic networks. This role involves handling cutting-edge fiber optic equipment to ensure seamless connectivity and superior network performance for our clients.

Network Solutions

Join AYT Networks as a Network Solutions Architect and lead the design and implementation of innovative networking solutions. Leverage your expertise to create customized, scalable network architectures that meet the unique needs of our diverse clientele.

Project Manager

AYT Networks is looking for a Telecommunications Project Manager to oversee the execution of telecom projects from initiation to completion. You'll coordinate teams, manage resources, and ensure the successful deployment of telecom solutions for our clients.

Implementation Specialist

Are you passionate about Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology? AYT Networks is hiring a VOIP Implementation Specialist to configure, deploy, and optimize VOIP solutions, enhancing communication capabilities for our customers.

Data Center

Join our team as a Data Center Technician responsible for maintaining and managing our data center infrastructure. You'll ensure the reliability, security, and optimal performance of our data center services.

Network Engineer

AYT Networks seeks a Wireless Network Engineer to design, implement, and optimize wireless networks. This role involves utilizing your expertise in wireless technologies to deliver high-performance and secure wireless solutions for our clients.

Systems Technician

AYT Networks is hiring a CCTV Installer & Systems Technician to install, configure, and maintain CCTV. Your expertise in surveillance technology will ensure reliable security solutions for our clients.

Cabling Technician

Join our team as a Structured Cabling Technician responsible for installing and maintaining structured cabling systems. Your skills will ensure reliable and efficient connectivity for our clients' networks.