Network Design and Implementation:

We are team of experts who will investigate your requirements and if you have any existing network we can create a plan accordingly. A great design which will ensemble your requirements.

Ayt Networks is a business which provides all your needs for network design experts. We have great knowledge and expertise in designing network requirements and executing complex projects.

network design and solutions
network Solutions

Networking Solutions:

Our network solution will make your network and all supported services related to network will run smoothly. We provide great services which will include all the listing of the tasks by keeping in mind all your needs.

We also provide upgrades to all the technical maintenance needs by replacing or taking correct actions according to environments essentials.

Network Support Solutions:

We offer great network support solutions that control cutting-edge technology with the best technical team. We have great staff who are experienced with call kind of network support solutions from small errors to complex problems.

In addition to the network support solutions we also provide following support solutions

  • Server upgrades, integration or migrations
  • LAN - Local Area Network Connectivity
  • WAN - Wide Area Network Connectivity
  • Internet security which includes firewalls
  • Wireless Network Solutions
  • Antivirus or malware solutions
network support solutions
hosted service

Online backup:    

– We provide online backup for your data. User data can be saved in cloud and can be recovered if missed. User System is scheduled, some run one time a day when computer is not in use. There are other new cloud backup which continue running and saves the changes in real time. It generally collects all the data, do the compression and transfers to the backup server or any hardware if connected with the system to take the backup. User data is also encrypted before sending to the backup server or hardware device

Change email hosting:

– Email Hosting for a company is generally run their own services on their own equipment. Hosting providers have access to manage user’s domain name and authentication according to owner’s request.

– Web hosting providers usually use POP3 based email which is open source applications.


– We provide software sales according to requirement of the user. We can make you install the software using our remote support.


– Hardware are also provided by us if the user require for their use. We can customize according to the user needs.

Thoroughly managed security:

–  Cyber-attacks can happen anytime hence protection is must. We make sure that your website and data is protected. Also we do keep the recovery of your data so if disaster happen nothing affects your data.

Fully backed up:

–  Backup is required this days as the viruses may attack anytime and data can be damaged. Our fully backed up service will make sure your data is safe.

Access from anywhere:

–  We provide remote access to your systems. Anyone can access their data or work from remote place. There is no need to keep your all data with you, access the data remotely

Customized systems:

–  Systems as can be customized according to client need. All the data or the system can be arranged as per requirements and usage.

technical support

Remote support:

– Remote support is provided as per the need as we do not have to be present at the location. We troubleshoot software related problem through remote desktop. With the permission of the client, our employees can take the control over the client system and solve the issue remotely.

– Most of the repairs are the antivirus install, update, optimize the computer, solve driver related issues or any web related issues.

Phone and email support:

– Customer can directly speak to our technical support team over the phone or can email the problem.

– We offer 24/7 support service which makes user comfortably deal with the issues they are facing and can be resolved in no time.

– Remote support is provided as per the need as we do not need to be at the location it can be done from anywhere.