Structured Cabling Service:

For any company having Network Cabling infrastructure must have true network consistency and smooth jobs. Ayt Networks has individual experience in executing on big national network installations. Our experience will provide you with a smooth and a complete network and Cabling solution.

Our Services Includes:

  • Expert in installing Cat5 and Cat6 Cables
  • Fiber optics cabling
  • Network Design Installation
  • Managing network cable, racks and cabinets
  • Provide wireless network
network cabling 2
cabinets and racks

Cables, Racks and Cabinets:

We provide cable management, racks and cabinets for all data center needs or any other initiative cabling needs. It includes less challenges for cable management, power issues and most important space. It results in less energy ingestion and utilization of space.

Fiber Optics Installation:

An optical fiber cable is a cable containing either one or more than one optical fibers. The optical fiber components are exclusively coated with plastic layers and enclosed in a shielding tube suitable for the environment where the cable going to be installed.

Optical Fiber are really strong but the strength is hugely reduced by inevitable microscopic surface flaws inherent during the manufacturing process.There are three basic scenarios that can lead to strength degradation and failure by inducing flaw growth:

  • Dynamic exhaustion
  • Static exhaustions
  • Zero-stress old


Fiber optics Services:

  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing Services
  • Fiber Optic Cable Termination
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Fiber Optic Documentation¬†and Testing
fiber optics
Data Center

Data Center Proficient:

With years of experience we can guide your data center projects for initial needs, analyze them, get the proper design and strategies from planning to implementation.

We believe that every customer is unique and requires customized and detailed design and implementation and make sure that data center will meet all your requirements. We will always stand by your team to get the optimum result.

We have a certified technician who will be available for any issues you face during or after installation.